Types of Diamond Cuts - How to Choose The Right Shape

Lilian Diamond offers a comprehensive guide to help you understand the various types of diamond cuts and choose the perfect shape that will dazzle the wearer.

ROUND CUT DIAMOND The round cut diamond is the most popular shape, accounting for over two-thirds of diamonds sold. With 58 facets, it has unparalleled brilliance and a classic style that makes it highly desirable.

PRINCESS CUT DIAMOND The princess diamond cut is a newer shape that combines the brilliance of a round diamond with the pointed edges of a square. It is the most popular fancy cut diamond.

EMERALD CUT DIAMOND The emerald diamond is known for its long straight cuts that resemble steps. It is a preferred choice for those who desire a larger stone with a smaller price tag.

ASSCHER CUT DIAMOND The asscher diamond is similar to the emerald diamond, but with more sparkle due to its smaller table and trimmed edges, giving it extra style and flair.

RADIANT CUT DIAMOND The radiant diamond resembles an emerald diamond but with added facets and cropped corners, providing more brilliance and fire without the price tag of a round diamond.

OVAL DIAMOND Oval-shaped diamonds possess high brilliance and durability, similar to round diamonds. They are a popular choice for engagement rings because they appear larger than other shapes of the same carat.

MARQUISE DIAMOND The marquise diamond's elongated shape flatters the hand and catches the eye with its unique features. It has been around for centuries, making it one of the most timeless shapes.

PEAR SHAPE DIAMOND The pear diamond combines the shape of a round and a marquise cut, often referred to as the “teardrop” diamond. They are not easy to cut, making them more difficult to find.

CUSHION Cushion cut diamonds were named after their “pillow-like” shape. They can be square or rectangular and feature smooth, curved edges. Cushion cuts are popular among the vintage crowd.

HEART Heart-shaped diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. These diamonds need to be symmetrical to appear perfect on the wearer’s hand, making them perfect for the classic romantic.



When deciding on the perfect diamond shape for your soon-to-be fiancé's engagement ring or any other fine piece of jewelry, consider these four key elements:

Diamond Style: If your partner has a traditional style, they would most likely prefer a round diamond. Fancy diamond shapes like oval, cushion, asscher, radiant, princess, pear, emerald, marquise, and heart-shaped diamonds are reserved for those with a more eccentric style.

Shine: The more facets a diamond cut has, the more it will sparkle and shine. Some of the sparkliest diamond cuts include the round, princess, asscher, and radiant shapes.

Design: Some shapes look better with various designs, including halos, solitaire, or three stones. Round, oval, pear, radiant, and cushion typically pair well with these design elements.

Cost: Not all diamond shapes are similar in price. Rounds are the most expensive, while emerald, princess, and radiant cuts cost less. This is because more "rough diamond" is removed during the cutting process of round diamonds than any other stone. When more rough diamond is discarded, the price is usually higher because it uses significantly less of the original stone.

At Lilian Diamond, we recommend that anyone who is uncertain should go with a round diamond. They are the most popular, timeless, and certainly the most eye-catching due to the number of facets and brilliance compared to the rest of the shapes. Round diamonds check all the boxes when it comes to style, shine, design, and cost.